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Welcome: This is the website of Tania A Prince, EFT

Master, NLP Trainer and Hypnotherapist.On this site you will find extensive information on powerful therapy techniques as well as information on different issues such as anxiety and fear of public speaking.

You will also find information on the training courses run by Tania. Tania is a leading therapist and international recognised trainer. As one of the 29, EFT Masters in the world she runs EFT Training Coursesfrom Manchester, England. These courses are suitable for beginners and the more advanced students. They are open to self help enthusiasts and those who are interested in becoming EFT Therapists.

Tania works from two clinics in Cheshire as well as via the phone with clients throughout the UK and abroad. She has extensive experience working with a broad range of issues including serious illnesses, phobias, panic attacks, blushing, confidence issues, addictions and fear of public speaking and many other issues. Tania is a specialist in the field of public speaking. She runs public speaking courses from Manchester and Cheshire. She also works one to one with clients.

Important Upcoming Events

Next NLP Diploma Training Dates in Manchester, England are 1st-4th February 2013 – NLP Diploma

Articles and Information Eliminating Stage Fright:Treating a client’s fear of presenting at a conferenceAnxiety- Other Causes: Information on other possible causes of the symptoms of anxietyPublic Speaking Nerves: Effective Techniques To Eliminate Nerves

The Impact Of Too Much: table of common symptoms associated with stress overload

Stress And Therapy: common stressors and treatment methods

How Therapy Works: Development of negative beliefs and feelings

 Information on Cutting Edge Techniques

EFT, TAT and NLP and HYPNOSIS are major BREAKTHROUGHS  in the field of therapy, find our more about these techniques.

TAT- initially developed as a technique to eliminate allergies-  very effective in a broad range of issues including phobias and depression. It is actually used by a humanitarian aid group in South America to help victims of major disasters.

EFT- is a simplistic technique that can often get results within minutes even with difficult issues. It was initially trialled in America in a Veteran’s Hospital. 

Hypnotherapy- powerful yet gentle -including information on frequently asked questions and an explorations of commonly held myths.

NLP- which is used by many successful businesses, because it works! Incredibly effective yet simple techniques that get fast results in therapy.  


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