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Course Reviews: EFT Training Courses

Below are some of the reviews that I have received from my training courses on EFT that I have run.

EFT Level 2: 8/9th April 2006: S Hughes, Hypnotherapist”I was really impressed with the level of professionalism displayed on the course, both with delivery and course content. I feel really keen to get out and practice my greatly enhanced skills!Tania was amazing and very thorough in her approach, I was greatly impressed in the way she ensured that we had understood what she had taught us! and then double checked when using the methods in practical sessions.

I feel I have moved on a great deal in my own inner self and found the course a pool of self discovery.”

EFT Course: 30th April 1st -May 2005, held at the National Register of Hypnotherapists and Psychotherapists Conference in Birmingham: Angela Plotel, Hypno-Psychotherapist (these comments were posted by Angela after the conference on a discussion group and are used with her permission)I have no idea who is ‘out there’ but as it’s likely you weren’t at the weekend let me tell you Tania is Terrific! her training is a delight and I’m still tapping (as in meridians, not dancing, though I wouldn’t put that past her either.) And Tania, for the record I took 10% off David for selling his CDs…. (Her equally brilliant partner Jaqui ((see note)) helped me with a little problem of work/money, in about 10 minutes flat I was a changed person!)(Note: Due to the large numbers of attendees on this course, fellow EFT Master, Jaqui Crooks co-trained)
EFT Level 2 Course, Central Manchester, 4/5th February 2006: Margaret Cleverley, Occupational Therapist in Mental HealthI gained greater insights on this EFT Course with Tania into the working of the human mind than in my 15 years working in mental health within the NHS. EFT techniques are fast, efficient and get to the root of the problem more quickly than any of the psychological therapies I have previously had at my disposal.
EFT Level 2 Course, Central Manchester, 4/5th February 2006: Imogen STania, I am absolutely amazed at your superb skills as a trainer on this course- and so appreciative of the sensitive way in which you managed to keep me engaged at all times, with the group and able to regain, “a good space”, every time things threatened to overwhelm me.If all trainers were like you, people with major difficulties like me would find life so much easier. You were flexible, adaptive and focussed throughout and I will never be able to thank you enough for making what could have been a devastating experience so positive and enjoyable- even though it was hard work!

Thank you……… from my heart.

P.S: You will probably not realise just how much it meant to me to finish a course dry-eyed!


(Imogen has had a lifelong problem with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), she is currently working on it with EFT and gaining positive results

EFT Level 2: 8/9th April 2006: Ben Taylor, Consultant”Excellent course, really brought home to me how I could use EFT in practice and could treat others. (Trainer/ Trainer style) Very good, informal, instructive but covered everything really well, created great group atmosphere and made everyone very confident to learn and practice”
EFT Level 1, 18th February 2006: Penny Wrinch“Tania’s techniques and delivery was amazing!. I have just started to learn EFT and definitely feel inspired to continue my journey of self-discovery and proceed to the next level. I can’t wait to see what results I can create in my life.I know that I am ready to let go of a lot of emotional issues and it was wonderful to explore this and connect with some inspirational people.

I really see the value in tapping with others as so much positive energy is released. The course was very structured and enjoyable…….”

EFT Level 1 Course on the 18th June 2005: Attendee”An excellent course which I thoroughly enjoyed. I feel totally relaxed, calm and at peace and feel as if I understand certain issues more clearly that have arisen in my life. I have been amazed at how some of these therapies (EFT Techniques) have worked and how my mind has cleared. I shall certainly be practicing the techniques which I have learnt today”
EFT Level 2 Course, Central Manchester, 4/5th February 2006: MohammedGreat course, all the techniques covered very thoroughly; very supportive and relaxed environment; Really has given me the confidence to take it to the next level.
EFT Level 1 Course on the 18th June 2005: Chris Watson”Tania helped me with many of my personal problems, giving me a lot of self belief in myself and finding ways to deal with hurtful and damaging emotions. Thank you for all the attention to detail”.
EFT Level 2 on the 16/17th of July 2005: Hilda Andrews
“….Excellent – Pertinent material, presented in a pleasant, amusing but also challenging way……”
(About the trainer)”…..Very knowledgeable and willing to to “share” her knowledge and experience openly, not just passing on information. Gave one confidence to go out and use the techniques effectively……”
EFT Level 1 Course on the 18th June 2005: Bridget”Very, very knowledgeable, relaxed atmosphere: I hadn’t got a clue, anything about it, but by the end of the course, felt very comfortable with the technique. See you on the next course”.
EFT Level 3 Course on the 12/13th March 2005: June Kaye Spencer”An in depth course which enabled me to learn in a multi sensory way through an excellent course leader and course participants about Emotional Freedom Therapy.Outcome:

A greater, deeper understanding of myself as a person, my emotions and needs. A wonderful experience working with friends learning through and with them. A huge sense of rebirth. A vision of where I want to go with EFT in a very positive way”.

EFT Level 1: 1st April 2006: Philippa Wheble”EFT is amazing. Tania puts across the technique well with great examples. Everyone would benefit from EFT!”
EFT Level 1, 18th February 2006: Sarah S”Hi Tania, just wanted to give you some feedback about the course which you can put on the site if you want. I found the course uplifting, empowering and fun! I can’t wait to do Level 2. I really liked your style of teaching and delivery and found you so easy going it was almost like I already knew you. I’m so pleased I finally got round to doing the course. I also liked the other people on the course they seemed to respond well when I was doing EFT with them and I found that they helped me too. So I will be recommending this course to anyone to anyone I think is interested……..”
EFT Level 1: 1st April 2006: Mark Boardman”Thoroughly enjoyed the course and witnessed veritable results and EFT in action. Have already found benefits for my own long-term illness. Looking forward to the next course. Thank you”.
EFT Level 1, 18th February 2006: PWCourse Reviews: EFT Training CoursesBelow are some of the reviews that I have received from my training courses on EFT that I have run over the last two years. To read the full reviews from specific training courses follow the following links

“I have really enjoyed being here today and being part of this course. It was great to remove some deep issues and pain and learn about the process. Tanya, you were a very professional and “kind” teacher- many thanks for today”.

EFT Level 1: 1st April 2006: Nick Pomery, Buxton”Good humour, nice pace- very informative. Reinforces just how good EFT is for healing with emotional issues quickly and safely”.
EFT Level 3 Course on the 12/13th March 2005: Rose Burridge”Tanya once again demonstrated excellent training / facilitation skills. All aims and objectives of course have been covered. Tanya demonstrated many new aspects of EFT with participants using personal topics. At all times I felt safe with Tanya.

Her style is very enthusing and it was obvious she has a vast amount of skills. She is an excellent ambassador of EFT and I value the fact she will be continuing to support my development as an EFT Practitioner”.

EFT Level 1 Course on the 18th June 2005: Helga Jaskolka”I have found the course inspirational. It has filled me with ideas and enthusiasm as well as unlocked a few doors and opened up my life! I’ve seen my life in a very different way after a few processes. I will definitely be doing more training”
EFT Level 2: 8/9th April 2006: Karen Ashley, Hypnotherapist”Relaxed but very focused and positive. Good mix of instruction and practice. (Trainer) Great style- informal but very professional. Good rapport and lots of useful tips and info. Plenty of time given for questions and always ensures that people have properly understood the answers, and thanks them for contribution, which builds confidence”

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